What is a Virtual Assistant and
Why You Need One for Your
E-Learning Business

Why VA For E-Learning Business

How to become a virtual assistant the E-learning industry is expected to grow exponentially through 2026, with a projected value of $370 billion. With increased internet penetration globally and the rise of new internet-based sectors in the economy, this industry will continue to enjoy massive patronage.

However, the technique of creating an online course is complex. Creating an online course requires various skills, including content creation and packaging, marketing, community management, and post-marketing activities. If one person is responsible for all tasks in this process, it can become overwhelming and time-consuming. As the list of tasks and updates grows, you will need some assistance to keep up.

Hiring virtual assistants (eLearning assistants) to help with your eLearning course creation process could provide you with more opportunities for growth by allowing you to manage ideas from different perspectives and better manage your course creation process.

A VA can save you time and effort by performing tasks related to creating and marketing online courses. Working with someone else to collaborate on the project makes you more accountable for your part of the work.



Why Should You Consider Using a Virtual Assistant/Online Course Assistant?

A virtual assistant performs the same duties as a personal assistant and may even do more. Having a competent virtual assistant frees up your time and allows you to focus on the quality of your course content. By hiring a virtual assistant to assist you in creating an online course, you can reduce the burden of this process.
Since your assistant doesn’t have to be physically present, you can hire someone from anywhere. You can save money on overhead costs by hiring someone who works remotely.



What can a virtual assistant / online course assistant do for you?

  1. Help you identify and target your market before launching and promoting your courses.
  2. Perform video editing and formatting.
  3. Public relations and brand building are two areas that these professionals can assist you with when you are just starting. It can also help you maintain your image while they do it.
  4. They can help you craft posts for your social media accounts and manage your promotions.
  5. Gather customer feedback by talking to customers and compiling a list of questions asked.
  6. Prioritize your email so you can focus on research and creating course materials.
  7. They can distribute your courses to numerous websites and e-learning platforms and market them on social media.
  8. They can monitor your website and repackage the content for use on other forms of media.
  9. Monitor orders and financial transactions as well as manage customer relations after-sales.


What skills should you look for in a virtual assistant?

The responsibilities of your online course assistant would include helping you with tasks related to the creation, publishing, and marketing of educational content. The following list provides technical skills that your virtual assistant should have to be a valuable asset to your business:

  • Proficiency with video editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Animotica.
  • Be familiar with how websites function, as well as with search engine optimization techniques.
  • Understands how to navigate and use e-learning platforms.
  • Possesses good typing and writing skills, as well as good research skills.
  • Has the project management skills to ensure a smooth, on-schedule workflow for your e-learning course.

In addition, you should look for an online course assistant who has soft skills—the ability to work well with others and communicate efficiently. Those qualities will make your working relationship with the person a positive one. These are the soft skills your virtual assistant should possess:

  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Analytical.
  • Creative.
  • Time management skills.

The e-learning industry has seen a 900% growth since the early 2000s and is projected to reach $240 billion by 2022. Because e-learning has been proven to lower training costs for employees and has been shown to reduce greenhouse gases by 86%, profit will likely be high in the coming years.

A virtual assistant can perform research and write your course, allowing you to focus on generating high-quality course material for your audience.



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