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MetroMax Solutions is part of the MetroMax Group which initially set up a back office in India to support its operations. We are currently supporting 200+ trucks and partnered with leading factoring and trucking insurance companies.

Services We Offer

Logistics - 3 PL(Third Party Logistics)

Metromax OCR + RPA technology simplifies the entire manual process, whether it’s a simple data extraction or one with multiple complexities. Our automation technology is a more innovative way to eliminate manual errors and reduce operational costs.

Our technology quickly sorts images by property in a combination of OCR; machine learning can recognize specific carriers and apply client-specific rules to each freight bill’s data. This allows for a more incredible amount of recognition that not only captures data points accurately but does so from unstructured and semi-structured forms with the highest degree of accuracy

Freight Forwarding

Why worry about cargo transportation when you have MetroMax Solutions at your service? We offer you world-class services and a seamless experience across 1400+ direct trade lanes, with offices in almost all origin and destination countries.

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LMD Services

MetroMax is a Last Mile Delivery provider in both the Amazon and FedEx partner programs. We have managed to maintain a profitability % well above the industry average from day one,  by using an offshore back office for our operations.

Through our LMD services offering, we want to help other Delivery Service Providers increase their profitability as well by outsourcing their non-core activities.

Finance And Accounting Services

MetroMax acts as a Backoffice for many trucking companies and other businesses providing finance and accounting services like –

  • Payroll Services
  • Monthly Financial Reporting/Statements:
  • Account’s receivables/Payable
  • Quarterly CFO Services/Advice/Coaching
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Tax Planning

White Label Dispatch

MetroMax group is a private firm that provides the necessary tools and services to help you grow your business to new heights.

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