Freight Bill Processing

Freight Bill Processing

MetroMax Solutions can make your freight bill processing more effective through superior information management and dedicated teams of professionals. Our automated freight billing software and ERP system allow you to convert manual freight bill processing to an efficient, automated EDI-based system. We convert your manual data onto a network storage medium and pass that data through a highly efficient XML engine offering high EDI conversion efficiency.

Freight payment processing can be complicated, involving allocating resources and funds and having trained personnel to handle the workload. At MetroMax Solutions, our freight bill processing services include receipt of the bill through payment in a manner consistent with your specific requirements.

Securing Your Freight Billing Services

We have tailored our entire freight billing process to collect data from you and your suppliers resourcefully. Using the gathered data, you will be able to make educated decisions about operating your business effectively.

Your freight bill of lading is scanned and saved on your server. We then access the images and perform data entry for the first level verification through an automated process, which identifies and removes duplicates. Second-level data indexing takes place on the final file saved to your database.

Our Auditing Process

Once indexed and compared, a freight bill will verify the amount charged by the carrier.

  • The auditing process will ensure no ‘differences’ between the amount you get billed and what you ‘actually’ pay.
  • We compare the billed amount to your contractual obligation. We resolve the difference by calculating the additional bill based on the contracted rate.
  • They are audited for accuracy when freight bills exceed a certain amount or incur accessorial charges above a given percentage.

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