Freight & Cargo Bill of Lading

Freight Bill of Lading processing

A freight Bill of Lading serves as a legal document and specifies information in regard to the shipment. The BOL is an essential document and great diligence must be shown while completing processing. Metromax has a highly efficient approach in place for carrying out Bill of Lading processing; we adapt our processes to cater to the unique needs of each carrier.

Our MetroOCR RPA BOT uses AI and ML technology which allows users to convert various types of BOL documents into digital format. Document understanding can handle both structured and unstructured data. Our automation technology is a more innovative way to eliminate manual errors and reduce operational costs.

Our focus remains on achieving and maintaining the highest standard of quality, accuracy and turnaround time along with ensuring data security.


Workflow engine

Fully Integrated workflow engine that enables 100% logistic process compliance

Document indexing

Logistics package audit identifies missing files and trigger tasks to fetch a combination of machine learning and OCR brings accurate document indexing

Centralized checklist

QA checklists make sure that BOL document processing always exceeds your specific standards QA Checklists are configurable as per your unique processes .

Data Extraction

Extract required data from indexed documents for analysis Centralized document formats ensure high level of accuracy of extraction

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Metro OCR Bots outshines other OCRs by using more than an OCR engine. Our AI-based recognition modules and advanced processing algorithms are vital in building accuracy. Fortunately, our innovative tool works with many parameters that increase the accuracy of Freight bill processing.

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