Ocean Freight Auditing

Ocean Freight Auditing

Our clients, who operate in the ocean freight industry, depend on our specialized auditing services to help minimize payment errors. An audit ensures that they are billed correctly, according to the contracted rates with the carriers.

Why choose us?

Ocean carrier contracts can be complex. Carriers build their pricing into contracts in a variety of ways so that what appears to be a straightforward origin pick-up charge may actually incur unexpected surcharges. Additional surcharges can include:

  • Bunker surcharges.
  • Currency adjustment factors.
  • Special equipment (Hi-cube, Open top, Flat Rack) surcharges.
  • Out-port arbitraries.
  • Hazardous surcharges.

In addition, you may also be exposed to war risk surcharges and peak season surcharges. Because of the high volume of traffic and the unknown accuracy of your freight carrier’s invoice process, you may find yourself with substantial errors on your invoices.

What can we do for you?

As a result of our many years of experience in shipping and related contract management, you can rely on us to provide valuable back-office auditing expertise with associated contract review. We will report all overcharges and errors with full shipment details to claim the refunds directly from the specified carrier.

At MetroMax Solutions, we scrutinize freight invoices to identify any issues with your carriers. Just like a hawk, we see everything. You’ll never have to worry about those pesky bills again.

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