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Customer Service Support

We have specialized multichannel customer support and helpdesk services available 24/7 to address all of your concerns.

Any firm that wishes to not just survive but prosper in its market must provide excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction is a result of good customer service. Bad customer service incidents leave a sour taste in our mouths, and it was all due to the company’s poor customer service. Customer service should be a top focus for any business.

Customer satisfaction will rise if you provide good customer service in the logistics activities, such as the ability to trace shipments and notify customers if their goods will be delayed. Customers are alerted to problems and given time to make modifications, such as finding a different source, by tracking delivery in real-time and communicating any complications that develop. Customer pleasure and service that exceeds expectations sets your company apart from the competitors and ensures consumer trust.

Good customer service translates to better customer satisfaction when they are doing business with you. People will avoid your brand if you provide poor customer service. If a customer complains about your poor customer service on social media, it can harm your brand’s reputation, which is difficult to repair. An acknowledgment, on the other hand, goes a long way. If something goes wrong, such as an order arriving late or a product being damaged, promptly acknowledging the error and replacing the defective merchandise, as well as providing a sincere apology, will deter complaints and demonstrate that your company cares about its consumers.

What we Provide:

  1. Track & Trace Shipment

MetroMax Solutions is in charge of cargo tracking and tracing. We assist all types of transportation involved in this process, including land, air, and sea. This is accomplished through the use of several technologies such as web tracking, phone calls, email, and chat. We assist with all types of shipments, including LTL (Less than load), TL (Truck Load), and Intermodal. From pickup through delivery, we are engaged in monitoring the shipment’s whole route.

  1. Methods of Shipment Tracking
  • Web-based Tracking:

The majority of the operators’ websites provide a tracking report. Multiple reference codes, such as PRO #, BOL, PO#, or Shipper & Consignee details, can be used to do this.

  • Call:

If the current status of a load is not visible on the carrier’s website, the carrier must be contacted, and the data gained through a phone call.

  • Email:

Only a few providers offer the possibility of tracking loads via email. Emails are sent to operators to get the most up-to-date data on the load.

  • Chat:

Some carriers offer the option of conversing with a carrier professional by going into their webpage and asking them questions about the package.

  • Chat in Real-Time:

Customer queries are divided into four categories: pre-sales, shipment tracking, after-sales, and inquiry escalation. We respond to inquiries, feedback, and complaints via our live chat support services and provide a prompt response.

  • Email Customer Service:

Our customer service team has excellent writing abilities and a broad understanding of customer service. SOP and client inputs are used to teach the staff. We are constantly working to ensure that all questions are addressed with care and precision.

  • Phone:

We offer call help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in all major time zones. Our crew is capable of effectively managing seasonal swings in call volumes.

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