Delivery Order/ Purchase Order Entries

Delivery Order/ Purchase Order Entries

MetroMax Solutions offers a wide range of processing services for purchase order entry and sales order receipts. The services can be customized according to your specific requirements, including price-checking, vendor setup, creating vouchers, and delivering items to carts or other identified locations—all in compliance with your local regulations or standards.

How do we do it?

· We take your scanned purchase orders.
· We accessed the PO using advanced data recognition software.
· To facilitate processing, a purchase order number, details of the goods, quantity, rate, vendor details, delivery date, and payment terms are entered into an electronic format.
· The report is prepared and then shared electronically for easy access
MetroMax Solutions has perfected the processing of large purchase orders to minimize errors, increase the speed at which orders are processed, and deliver high-quality results.

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