Finance and Accounting Services

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Finance and Accounting Services

We are exclusively a small business accounting firm that serves the trucking industry. MetroMax Solutions provides tax and audit services to small and medium-sized firms with the benefit of understanding the accounting rules specific to companies in this business. Our bookkeepers are seasoned experts who can handle all your accounting needs from bank reconciliations, monthly financial reports, and cash management.

We understand that trucking companies have unique needs and require specialized accounting services. We meet those needs with tailored solutions designed for the most demanding situations.

MetroMax Solutions: Your one-stop-shop for your accounting needs:

Bank Reconciliation:

At MetroMax Solutions, we follow bank reconciliation regularly. A regular bank reconciliation process will minimize the impact of fraud and errors by making certain payments and receipts are recorded accurately. It also ensures that errors in invoicing or customer payments aren’t missed.

Credit Card Reconciliation:

MetroMax’s Credit card Reconciliation service collects all credit card receipts and matches them with your bank statement to determine missing or incorrect transactions. Once our team has completed the reconciliation, a report is generated and reviewed with you.

Cash Flow Statements:

Whether you’re a new business or have been in business for years, we can help you manage your cash flow statement and apply strategies that will create additional investment opportunities. Our monthly analysis reports ensure your cash flow is forecasted accurately.

Payroll Processing:

We look at your business holistically to understand its unique needs. We help you process payroll and benefits, manage human resources, tackle compliance and regulations, mitigate risk, and gain access to the information you need to run your business.

Account Payable:

With the latest technology like cloud storage technologies and software automation, accounts payable processes have become more favorable for AP managers to streamline and manage workflows.

MetroMax Solutions is a full-service provider of outsourced accounts payable solutions designed to help small to mid-sized companies streamline their AP process.

Account Receivable:

Your organization’s goals for cash flow can be met by implementing an accounts receivables process to increase your collection rates and ensure faster processing of invoices.

We offer expertise in Cash cycle management that will help your organization be more successful. Our process for converting AR into a business function results in better customer service.

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