House BOL Drafting

House BOL Drafting

The Bill of Lading is an essential document in international trade. Considered a negotiable instrument, this document serves as a contract of carriage and a receipt for the goods shipped. It also serves as a document of title.

MetroMax Solutions offers custom Bill of Lading drafting services that help streamline the shipping process, ensuring thorough communication and proper identification of all items shipped. The most important shipping and receiving details can be recorded in the carrier’s portal for easy access.

How does it work?

If the forwarder completes an application to create the bill of lading, then on completion of the entry, the bill of lading will be generated and sent to the carrier. The bill of lading is forwarded to the client as a PDF or TIF file if created digitally. If the instructions are submitted by fax or an online form, the acknowledgment number will be sent to the freight forwarder.

We use our detailed procedures to ensure that all required documentation is collected, verified, and sent to the appropriate parties in an efficient manner.

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