White Label Dispatch Service

White Label Dispatch Service

For dispatchers and fleet owners, MetroMax’s White Label Dispatch teams act as an extension of your in-house dispatch. You get access to trained dispatchers at short notice who work using your organization’s branding, email, and phone.

Benefits of Our White Label Dispatch Service

● We will register a dedicated phone line assigned to you with your company name.

● We will answer and make calls talking to brokers or anyone in the industry representing your company.

● A SPOC is assigned who will be the supervisor of your dispatcher.

● We will book loads for your trucks and submit the BOL and Rate Cons to the respective factoring company.

● We have an internal policy of not booking anything under $2 RPM and nothing under $1000/ load.

● We will pre-plan routes and loads based on your driver’s location and route preferences.

● You will get a weekly report from the dispatch manager outlining the revenue, the issues, what could be done better, TONU, DETENTIONS, etc.

● We dispatch Dry Vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, Box Trucks, and Power Only.

Why Choose Us?

MetroMax’s white label dispatch service is the perfect solution when you need extra support. Our team of trained dispatchers will work under your organization’s branding so that you can focus on your core business while we take care of the rest. With our white label dispatch service, you can be sure that your customers will always receive the highest level of service.

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