MetroMax Solutions can aid you in managing your everyday tasks by providing you with a dependable virtual assistant. You can complete your task by just a phone call or an e-mail to your virtual assistant.

MetroMax solutions’ virtual assistant will build a good rapport with your business associates, customers, shippers, carriers and coordinate with you to save time and money.

We offer Virtual assistants for:


Our VAs delivers customer service, operations support, and other administrative tasks via a mix of live chat, instant messaging-based solutions, and phone call handling.

Hours of services

The hours-of-service regulations focus on when and how long you are allowed to drive by placing specific limits on the amount of time you drive your truck and how many total hours you can work before you are no longer permitted to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

A dedicated VA (compliance specialist) will –

  • Handle hours of service data management and compliance on your behalf
  • Analyze and audit HOS data and will interpret the analytics and spot compliance gaps that could put your fleet at risk of an audit or intervention
  • Identify the most significant compliance risk to your fleet, so you establish priorities to focus your efforts where there’s an immediate need.

Freight Agent Support

  • Identify safe carriers for freight services, develop business relationships with carrier contacts, and negotiate pricing agreements and contracts.
  • Create, coordinate, and manage pick-up and delivery schedules, coordinating with shippers, carriers, dispatchers, and customers
  • Resolve freight discrepancies and keep relevant parties apprised

Trucking Admin

We provide the following types of VA for administrative tasks at a trucking company

  • Dispatch Executive
    • Plan and coordinate pick-up and delivery schedules
    • Updating customers on the status of shipments, and assisting with other inquiries
  • Sales Executive
    • Maintain current clients, generate leads and attracting new prospects and develop a sales pipeline
  • Night / Afterhours Dispatch support executive
    • Taking calls from freight brokers, drivers and customers
  • Certified Accountant
    • Handle invoicing, load factoring, record keeping and data entry
  • Receptionist

why choose us?


We ensure your database and credentials are safe and confidential.


Our VA will help you reduce cost, increase productivity, and concentrate on core tasks.


Our new virtual assistant is the perfect solution for anyone that is having trouble managing their social media profiles.


Our virtual assistant management solution is designed to accommodate a wide array of client requests.


We have assistants to assist you with responsibilities, such as answering questions regarding questions, scheduling, billing, calendaring, collection, coordination, database administration, and drum corps drills, among other things.



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