Since we operate our trucks and work with thousands of trucking companies providing various services, we understand transportation and logistics through first-hand learning and knowledge. Through this knowledge and relationships with multiple stakeholders in the logistics industry, we clearly understand their business needs and challenges for using various software and technology available in the market.

We also have extensive development skills in-house since we have our own customizable TMS and compliance system.

With these technical skills, domain knowledge, and an ability to build and scale support teams, MetroMax provides L1 and L2 support to many ISVs serving the Transportation and Logistics industry.

l1 or level 1 support

This is the first line of support usually provided via chat, phone, and email communications. A Level 1 software engineer will address your pre-sale support emails, support chats, and building a knowledge base for FAQs and self-service pages on your website. With MetroMax’s L1 Support/Help Desk, you get a single point of contact (Phone/email/Chat/Portal), basic troubleshooting and resolution, call routing, and escalation.


l2 or level 2 support

L2 support handles the tickets that L1 routes to them. This support team can also generate tickets for any problem they notice. L2 support specialists have more skills, more experience in solving complicated issues relevant to them and can help L1 support people troubleshoot problems. MetroMax’s L2 Support covers in-depth application and systems, incident resolution featuring a knowledge base, detailed documentation, training, and incident trending analysis.


l2 or level 2 support

L3 is the last line of support and typically consists of a development team that deals with technical problems. These include domain experts who handle the most difficult problems, mostly assisting both level 1 and level 2 specialists. They also code changes, research and develop solutions for challenging new or unknown issues.

MetroMax’s L3 Support covers base application, customizations, and integrations. In addition to taking advantage of our proven methodologies, source control and standards.



  • Fixing defects
  • Minor enhancements
  • Root cause analysis
  • Performance tuning and capacity planning

With extensive experience managing BPO operations, building technical support teams, and vast domain knowledge, MetroMax is well-positioned to provide superior technical support to your customers, build brand loyalty, create brand advocates, and increase revenue.



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