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MetroMax Solutions

The goal of MetroMax Solutions is to help the various stakeholders in the Transportation and Logistics Industry to leverage outsourcing and offshore resources to streamline their operations, create new revenue opportunities and reduce costs.

Solutions Focused On Your Business Growth

MetroMax Solutions is part of the MetroMax Group which initially set up a back office in India to support its own operations. We are currently supporting 200+ trucks and partnered with leading factoring and trucking insurance companies.

When You Grow
We Grow!

The MetroMax Group is a conglomerate with a series of Group Companies and Joint Ventures in the Logistics domain. We cover the end-to-end spectrum in logistics, including Company Owned Trucking operations, Dispatch, Last-Mile Delivery Services, Factoring, Compliance, Insurance, Business Process Management, Digital Marketing, Technology Services, and Software products in the Logistics domain.

Meet Our Leadership

Demarco Thomas

Founder and President

Om Karamchandani

Co Founder and CEO

Sameer Wadhwa

Partner and Country Head