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Auditing Services for HIPAA Compliance

MetroMax offers comprehensive Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing (VAPT) specifically designed for healthcare organizations. Our HIPAA compliance focused VAPT goes beyond basic security checks to identify vulnerabilities that could expose Protected Health Information (PHI).

MetroMax's Strengths

  • In House Healthcare Expertise:We have Inhouse Healthcare Clinics this has allowed to gain an end-to-end experience for doing Auditing Services in Alignment HIPAA 
  • Cost-Effective Due to Shared Service:  We have already invested in Relevant software tools and Knowledge base and skills set to be compliant hence we will be able to provide these services in a lower cost to other healthcare Provider.
  • Certified Ethical Hackers: Our team of highly skilled professionals can conduct thorough VAPT assessments.

Our Offerings

HIPAA Compliance-Focused VAPT

Our VAPT focuses on identifying vulnerabilities that could expose PHI.

Detailed Reporting

Following the VAPT, you'll receive a comprehensive report with identified vulnerabilities, severity levels, and potential impact.

Key Technical Implementations

Our VAPT services involve several key technical measures:

Secure Architecture Review

We analyze healthcare data flow, focusing on access controls and encryption.

Source Code Review

We look for vulnerabilities allowing unauthorized access to PHI.


🔹DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing): Simulates attacks on healthcare applications.
🔹SAST (Static Application Security Testing): Identifies vulnerabilities early in the development process.

Penetration Testing

We test various systems, including web applications, mobile apps, APIs, and networks

Access Controls & Role-Based Permissions

We establish granular access control to restrict access to sensitive data.

Regular Patch Management

We provide guidance on establishing a process to address vulnerabilities promptly.

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By partnering with MetroMax Solutions, you gain the tools and expertise to protect patient data and maintain HIPAA compliance.

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