QA and Testing

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QA and Testing

Software testing and QA services include QA strategy design and QA process improvements and functional, integration, compatibility, performance, usability, security, and compliance testing.

What We Offer:

QA Outsourcing

A dedicated team of domain-qualified QA engineers takes charge of your quality assurance process, responsible for the QA process management and end-to-end testing of your software.

Managed Testing Services

A dedicated test team takes over a part of the whole scope of your testing activities on a pay-per-unit basis, taking full responsibility for the test process management and the quality of the software under test.

Project-Specific Testing

Depending on the specifics of your company, project, and software, we perform independent 3rd-party testing and execute any required testing type or their combination.

Quality Assessment

We audit your software from different angles, including code quality, functionality, usability, performance, and security. We provide you with a detailed report containing the list of the detected issues and recommendations on how to fix them.

Our Working Process:

Functional and non-functional software features to make sure it complies with the requirements specification and offers an outstanding user experience:

Functional Testing

Functional testing is performed at different granularity levels and ensures that the software complies with its operational requirements.

Integration Testing

We do this to verify if the modules/ components, when integrated, work as expected, i.e., to test that the modules that work fine individually do not have an issue when integrated.

Regression Testing

The software is tested to verify that a code change in the software does not impact the existing functionality of the product.

Exploratory Testing

Test planning, design, and execution are all done together in this testing.

Performance Testing

Software performance testing ensures the system’s stability and proper functioning under expected, continuous, and stress load.

Usability Testing

Usability testing ensures the logical arrangement of a solution’s UI elements, convenient content layout, and the number of usage steps.

Compatibility Testing

It is non-functional testing to ensure customer satisfaction. It determines whether your software application or product is proficient enough to run in different browsers, OS, hardware, mobile, and networks.

Security Testing

Security testing services aim to spot vulnerabilities in a corporate IT environment and uncover security threats to them.


Manual and automated testing and apply our experience with trusted automation frameworks to help you accelerate releases, increase test coverage, and find more bugs before they enter production.

Our Test automation includes:

Our Testing Services For Different Applications:

fleet maintenance software

Web Application Testing

Web application and website testing validate the solutions’ smooth functioning, proper render in target environments, stability, security, and robust data sharing with integrated systems.

SAAS Testing

It assured the quality of applications built on the cloud and delivered to customers in the Software as a Service model, using different validation activities.

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop Apps run on personal computers and other workstations, so you focus on a specific environment when you test the Desktop Application. You will test the complete application broadly in categories like GUI, functionality, Load, DB, etc.

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