TranspoCFO is an accounting firm located in Atlanta. They are a firm focused on providing quality and affordable accounting services to the trucking industry, including a financial solution.

Although the company’s employees are creative and committed to their work, their lack of expertise in digital processes resulted a stumbling block to further growth.


12 Jun, 2021


Digital Presence


Digital Presence: It has often been observed that small- to medium-sized businesses tend to overlook the opportunity presented by the Internet. They didn’t realize that digital presence would become the secret to connecting with their target audiences—especially in this era of digitalization. TranspoCFO was no different.

The company couldn’t reach the potential audiences it wanted because it had an inefficient website. The limited audience allowed by TranspoCFO’s approach kept the company from attracting a large client base or who could generate word-of-mouth buzz for the brand.

Weak social media marketing strategy: Though TranspoCFO tried to market its services and brand online in a traditional style, the company failed abruptly. Companies with a previously established reputation in the market may find that traditional methods of marketing are adequate for their needs.

TranspoCFO’s social media marketing failed because of two main reasons: the company’s website was not optimized for Internet search, and the company did not market its services or its brand via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Solutions and services we offered!

TranspoCFO knew they wanted to do more than what they were doing. They saw the power of digital presence and the importance of mobility in this era of digitalization. Still, they felt they needed a business partner ready to join them on their digital journey and provide effective, mobile solutions that would help TranspoCFO be more productive, efficient, and competitive.

TranspoCFO needed a comprehensive marketing and lead generation strategy, so MetroMax Solutions took the wheel and provided TranspoCFO with a three-pronged approach consisting of web design, social media optimization, and social media marketing. The company wanted to optimize its digital presence through a well-designed website, boost traffic and followers on social media, but more persuasive content in front of its target audience, and make the entire process scalable across various business units.


MeroMax Solutions’ several successful campaigns on behalf of TranspoCFO have earned the latter a great deal of exposure in their industry. The purpose of our social media marketing campaign was to boost their brand recognition and generate leads through their website and help them increase revenue.

Our campaign attracted a lot of attention, especially in the first two weeks. In that short amount of time, we were able to reach 26494 people through our website, 61727 people found out about our campaign through social media creating a fine impression, and 71 unique visitors were tracked on the website. Two people who saw our figures ended up converting to customers.

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